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Topics you want to discuss


Country-based channels

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Top reasons to join Industry 4.0 Club

Verified Practitioners

We do company and member verifications to guarantee quality of the community

Secure place to discuss hypothesis

Meet likely-minded people facing similar issues on their road

Shared knowledge for good decisions

The objection of every role is different, but sharing the knowledge makes us trust each other

Roundtable Groups

8-12 members who know and trust each other.

Meeting online on the regular basis to:

  1. Discuss progress in the past 14 days
  2. Going deep with one selected topic
  3. Verifying defined hypothesis
  4. Set up goals for upcoming 14 days

Online Training Sessions

We organize Subject-oriented training sessions of various formats:

  • one member to other members
  • inviting external trainer(s) to run a session
  • online trade shows and fairs
  • discussion panels with members or external experts

Factory Visits & Meetups

We meet offline as well. Usually we connect it with:

  • factory, warehouse, data centre, or standard offices visits or tours
  • networking meet-ups dedicated to meet face to face and discuss also non-business topics

Choose your Role(s) in our Club

End Users

GET: knowledge about industry 4.0. Discuss your plans and get ready to move towards 4.0

GIVE: your feedback to vendors. Share your experience between other end users

RULES: Do not share confidential information

End Users

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GET: knowledge expert status and inspire others to work with you

GIVE: Share your experience and best practices with community

RULES: Be transparent when talking about your work


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Solution Providers

GET: feedback from community about your products

GIVE: trainings and educations sessions about the topic your are deepply involved in

RULES: Do not sell your products to members. Use Marketplace

Solution Providers

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Clusters + R&D

GET: direct connection to industry 4.0 professionals for your members

GIVE: Share your activities and cooperation opportunities

RULES: Be transparent when talking about your work

Clusters + R&D

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LEAD members from your country or some specific your topic, organise group sessions

DECIDE what happen in the community, who will be responsible for delivery

GET recognised as someone who brings the highest value for others


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Request to join Club

30-minutes video or phone call

To discuss your expectations

Roles and Profile setup

To define what you give and what you get