aconno Bluetooth Smart Development Board

aconno + Components, systems for the Internet of Things, IoT in industrial applications | Embedded Control


The aconno ACD52832 development board is a comprehensive development kit designed to create low power solutions based on Bluetooth Smart. It comes with a range of micro-electromechnical-systems (MEMS) sensors, an electronic paper display, NFC and all sorts of other features that empower you to create your IoT applications.

It provides a complete set of tools for rapid development of prototypes and products and is made for product designers, makers and creators developing tomorrows connected objects and devices.

Getting started is easy – with the aconno ACD52832 you will be up and running in minutes using the known tools or Keil ┬Ávision.

Development with the aconno board is fast, flexible and cost effective. The development kit was designed to allow an easy transition from prototype to mass production based on the aconno product family.

Get started today using the ACD52832 now.


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