Bodhee, Industrial Analytics Platform

Neewee + Artificial intelligence (AI)-systems, expert systems | Digital Twins in production technology | Machine learning systems for industrial application | Real-time simulation in industrial applications


Digitalization is impacting manufacturing with significant potential for the
Manufacturing operations in terms of productivity improvements,
customer experience as well as mass customizations. But for lot of
manufacturing organizations there are multiple hurdles to overcome for a
smooth adoption of digitalization. Some of these include Data –
Availability, Quality & Relevance, Siloed systems and complex change
management requirements.
BODHEE™, our Industrial Analytics solution, helps you overcome these
hurdles in your Digitalization journey. We view Digitalization as a journey
with end goal of positive impact on your financial performance. The
journey involves important milestones such as enabling data availability,
connecting the processes and machines together and identification of
bottlenecks thus integrating the entire manufacturing value chain. Using
BODHEE™ we create Process Digital Twins by integrating Product,
Process, Asset and Station Parameters which will bring in Visibility &
Predictability in entire Manufacturing Value Chain. Wherever you are in
the journey, BODHEE™ helps to achieve the goals faster with deployment
time of 6-8 weeks for a line.
With BODHEE™ we improve Financial Performance of Manufacturing
Operations by
• Improving Quality & Yield
• Optimizing Buffer & Resources
• Reducing Rework & Warranty Claims
The actionable from Bodhee are real time, based on critical parameters
and simple enough for the shop-floor apprentice to act upon.


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