c-treeEDGE IoT Database

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This new solution by FairCom Corporationis a high-speed IoT database featuring unique technology that facilitates full-featured, high-performance data management while running on IoTand IIoT gateways and on the smallest edge devices.c-treeEDGE has a very small footprint at 37megabytes, but it is powerful enough to host datafrom thousands of sensors.c-treeEDGE IoT supports native MQTTcommunication, as well as Node-RED and REST API integration. It runs natively on multiple edge operating systems: Raspbian (Raspberry Pi),Windows IoT, Android, and AndroidThings. While also running on Windows 10 and Linux on x86 architecture for use in more powerful gateway systems, c-treeEDGE is ideal for use in manufacturing, healthcare, energy and transportation, as well as many other industries.While c-treeEDGE is a new product, its core is powered by the same technology found in FairCom’sflagship product, c-treeACE, a solution that allows organizations to enjoy the flexibility of NoSQL while taking advantage of SQL’s tight transaction control. In fact, this database technology has been embedded in medical devices and manufacturing sensors for IoT activities for many years — long before the Internet of Things age arrived.Regardless of the database you choose to run on the edge, it should be one that meets your needs and can easily adapt as those needs and technology change


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