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The IoT Platform CENTERSIGHT® NG provides an intelligent IoT concept that will optimise the operating of machinery and facilities anywhere in the world. Your costs are reduced severalfold – in operational, maintenance and repair. Predictive maintenance will reduce the machinery downtime, which these industries often blame as significant cost factor. Raise your remote service to a new level – using the new augmented reality application of Device Insight.

The highly scalable IoT platform CENTERSIGHT® NG supports open standard protocols such as OPC UA and is compatible with almost all IoT components. Specific protocols can be easily deployed by Stream Connectors in CENTERSIGHT® NG, as used in existing installations.

Device Insight’s IoT platform therefore supports all companies who cannot tolerate downtime. It also enables the fast launch of IoT services through a variety of modules including Device management and predictive maintenance. Since all data streams are recorded, managed and prepared for analysis, CENTERSIGHT® NG offers an ideal basis for new business models and services of a Smart Factory.

CENTERSIGHT® NG for Industry & Production:
– Constant logging of operating data for machines, plants and production processes
– Evaluation of operating data and automatic documentation (reporting, KPIs for OEE)
– Automatic alarm notification and enhanced remote service with augmented reality (AR)
– Condition monitoring linked with predictive maintenance and machine learning


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