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The proprietary hardware license container lineup of Wibu-Systems comprises USB dongles in various styles, secure memory cards (CF, CFast, SD, and microSD), and ASICs. Their first dongles made their appearance on the market thirty years ago when the company was founded. Over the decades, they have gone through a number of generations to keep their performance and security levels at the very top. It was last year when Wibu-Systems announced a complete re-engineering of its CmSticks and started offering the new members of the “B” family one by one.

After the CmStick/B and /BMC, respectively the variants without flash memory and with MLC (multi-level-cell) flash memory, Wibu-Systems adds CmStick/BMI, the version with pSLC (pseudo-single-level-cell) flash memory. All three units have their robust and elegant metal casing in common: compact in size, easy to remove from the target device when the license has to be operated from a different endpoint, sturdy in design with the USB connector fully integrated into the body of the unit thanks to SiP technology, and completely- customizable to support all branding needs. As a whole, the three devices meet the technical requirements of commercial and OEM grades. SLC flash memory for industry-grade dongles is still available on board the CmStick/MI and all Wibu-Systems CmCards.

Even though industry analysts had forecast their imminent demise again and again, hardware dongles of all shapes and sizes remain a favorite for developers and users alike. The protection they offer against counterfeiting and reverse engineering is far superior to any soft or cloud-licensing technology; the license portability that comes from simply unplugging and re-plugging the dongle cannot be paralleled; and only hardware dongles allow multi-vendor support.


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