CodeMeter protects VxWorks 7

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Wibu-Systems presents an Embedded Security Kit that will safely assist intelligent device manufacturers in their transition towards the Internet of Things. “CodeMeter Security” is actually a complementary hardware-based add-on to the “Security Profile for VxWorks┬« 7”. Together, the two products represent a significant milestone for the whole community of VxWorks users, who can now avail themselves of integrity protection, authenticity, know-how protection, digital certificates, copy protection, license management, and hardware-based key storage management through a unique and scalable solution.

As manufacturers of embedded systems harness the opportunities created by the IoT, they demanded dedicated solutions targeting their specific fields, as well as top-notch security features that would safeguard Cyber-Physical Systems from the rising number of attack vectors. Threats like the cloning or the imitation of a machine, code tampering, unauthorized physical and logical access, sabotage, intellectual property piracy and product counterfeiting are skyrocketing, now that CPS’s are collaborating more and more in large scale networks. To top it off, the possibility of distributing VxWorks applications through flexible licensing schemes enables new business models for industry management leaders.


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