COMSOL Server™

COMSOL + Modelling and simulation for the subcontracting industry (3D modelling) | Other software and solutions for technical calculations and simulation | Simulation software for design, optimization and operation in manufacturing automation/production | Software and solutions for continuous computer simulation/process simulation/computational fluid dynamics


Provide Design Teams, Manufacturing Departments, and Other Colleagues with Simulation Apps Built by Experts

Created specifically for running and distributing applications built with the Application Builder, COMSOL Server allows you to spread the advantages of simulation throughout your organization and networks.

COMSOL Server provides the platform for deploying applications created by simulation experts to your design teams, manufacturing departments, test laboratories, and customers and clients throughout the world. Your colleagues can access and run your apps on COMSOL Server through web browsers or a desktop-installed client. The COMSOL Server web interface allows you and your colleagues to manage access to the variety of apps you have created, as well as to manage hardware settings and preferences for running the apps.

An Integral Part of the Simulation, Design, and Manufacturing Workflow

The Application Builder in COMSOL Multiphysics® is the revolutionary tool that augments an organization’s simulation, design, and manufacturing workflow. It allows engineering and scientific experts in their industry to create easy-to-use applications based on their simulations.

The simulation apps are made with their own customized user interfaces, where the engineer or scientist creating the applications controls the inputs and outputs that the user will be able to manipulate. Experts build these apps by including only the parameters relevant to the design of a specific process or product. This better transfers the expert’s knowledge and experience to those involved in the design and manufacturing processes across all engineering disciplines in an organization, even those without prior simulation experience.


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