Dialog systems for domain knowledge

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Speech assistants are used in more and more areas of life, enabling intuitive interaction with technology, providing service and information. They are not only useful in everyday life, but also offer companies great potential for facilitating human-machine interaction and offering completely new services to customers.

Fraunhofer develops speech-driven dialog systems with a special focus on domain-specific knowledge for application in various fields of business and industry. Using and combining state-of-the-art components for Speech Recognition, Question/Answering via Knowledge Graphs and Speech Synthesis, our technologies address in particular the concrete challenges and needs of enterprises and B2B applications. Moreover, these technologies “made in Germany” ensure technological sovereignty, data can be stored and processed within secure data spaces and the methods of “Informed Machine Learning”, developed within the Fraunhofer Center for Machine Learning, make sure that the systems can even be trained on small data sets. In cooperation with Volkswagen AG, a first research prototype has been developed which answers questions about certain points of interests, e.g. buildings within a specific use case.


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