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The anticipatory textbook from project HyperMind at the Immersive Quantified Learning Lab (iQL) is a dynamic-adaptive, personal textbook that helps enable individual learning. The static structure of conventional books is broken down, the book content divided into portions and, ultimately, the resulting knowledge blocks are associatively linked.

Digital systems have long since become a part of daily life, including learning at schools, universities, or in further education courses. Traditional textbooks, on the other hand, are slow media. Books limit the learning possibilities and are based on assumptions about the best or the average learner. What is lacking is an adaptive system to turn an interactive textbook into an intelligent book that responds to the demands of individual learning, individual skills, and the needs of the learner.

While reading, data from sensor systems such as eye-tracking systems or electro-dermal bracelets are used to analyze the progress being made by the learner and what state of mind they are in. For example, the strain on the learner can be determined by measuring the temperature of the face with infrared cameras. In the case of reading difficulties, individual learning assistance or additional useful information is provided.

Combining data sources with intelligent algorithms such as those found in deep learning methods enables new insights into individual and group dynamic learning processes. All this data and insight leads to recommended teacher responses.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel
Head of Research Department Smart Data & Knowledge Services
+49 631 20575 1010


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