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It is extremely important that under no circumstances digitalization may become a risk to your IT security by opening a door to cyber attacks on your sensitive production areas. You are risking expensive breakdowns and loss of production and data, and thereby your competitive advantage. It is exactly this requirement – providing maximum security during the collection, processing and provision of machine data – that motivated Schubert System Elektronik and genua to develop the Industrial Gateway GS.Gate. The GS.Gate can be connected to any machine (independent of the manufacturer) and provides two separate compartments running in a single compact industrial case.

Compartment one lets you – as the manufacturer or maintainer – install your own custom application using Docker. This application then retrieves status and performance data from the machine via common interfaces such as LAN, IO Link, Gbit Ethernet or Industrial Ethernet, and carries out the required analysis. Thus, important information required for comprehensive industrial analytics already is filtered from the collected data at this stage.

Compartment two contains a firewall and the remote access components for secure remote maintenance access. The filtered information is securely encrypted and transferred via the firewall over the Internet to your analytics systems or cloud. At the same time, the firewall reliably protects the industrial gateway and thereby your networked machines from cyber attacks. Due to security by design the GS.Gate guarantees problem-free operation on a security level that sets a new standard in the industrial sector.


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