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IPS IMMA is an intelligent digital human model. The biomechanical model contains 82 bone segments with a total of 162 degrees of freedom to display the movement of the human body. The anthropometric differences can be taken into account directly in just one setup. The simulation effort for a human group is the same as for a single manikin.

The consideration of human factors is an indispensable part of modern design processes, which leads to better products and shorter and more cost-effective development cycles.

With IPS IMMA, assembly work is digitally displayed, taking ergonomic criteria into account while maintaining the balance of the body. Ergonomic criteria and differences in human anthropometry can be validated and visualized directly in an analysis graph.

Not all human postures are favourable from an ergonomic point of view or due to unwanted contact with the environment. The model avoids extreme joint angles, collisions with objects and self-collisions and prefers a stable posture. This eliminates uncomfortable positions of the IMMA manikin already during the generation of assembly instructions. In addition, a direct change in strategy of the assembly movement is carried out if the boundary conditions change.

In combination with other technologies from the IPS product portfolio, additional applications are available. After planning the paths of objects with the IPS Path Planner, IPS IMMA can use these paths and take the human into account in assembly applications or ergonomic studies.

In addition, flexible components in combination with IPS Cable Simulation can be considered for the analysis and simulation of the assembly/disassembly scenario.


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