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IPS Virtual Paint – Spray is the first software tool capable of precisely simulating spray painting processes of an entire car body using several spray nozzles at the same time within a few hours on a standard PC. Here even opening and closing doors and lid is accounted for without delays. In the automotive industry, the software is applied in production preparation phases for optimizing robot paths, process parameters and the processes themselves.

In automotive factories surface treatment is the process which consumes the maximum of energy, water and chemicals and produces most of waste and pollution. For improving the situation, the expensive trial-and-error procedure currently used in the automotive industry shall be replaced by virtual tools supporting an effective product and production realization by means of systematic computer simulations.

IPS Virtual Paint – Spray is an innovative simulation technology for optimizing and analyzing spray painting processes. The software allows a coupled multi-physics simulation, accounting for air flow, particles tracing and electromagnetic fields. As a result, the coating thickness on complicated surfaces such as car bodies can be computed and analyzed in one individual process.

Time-consuming preprocessing for mesh generation and familiarization with complex solver technologies are not necessary. The software provides optimized process parameters and paint coat thicknesses. Moreover material losses are reduced and mutual contaminations of the robots applied in the plant are minimized.

This integral method produces highly accurate results, but only requires a fraction of the computing time of conventional flow simulations. Besides the positive environmental aspects, the application of this technology leads to considerable cost savings and improved product quality.


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