Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP)

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Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex. This is why more and more companies are demanding flexible platform solutions with which they can program applications individually tailored to their needs. MPDV’s Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) is the first representative of fourth generation manufacturing IT. The platform enables users to develop their own applications or flexibly combine applications from different suppliers. This opens up completely new possibilities for companies with their own IT department, machine manufacturers and system integrators.
For example, using MIP saves programmers the time-consuming task of setting up a data storage structure and enables them to create their own applications immediately. MIP already has a suitable data model and predefined object structures for important elements of production such as orders, machines and employees.
Machine manufacturers can use MIP to create their own applications, so-called Manufacturing Apps (mApps), for recording and visualizing machine data. These mApps are fed into the MIP and the buyer can communicate directly with the new machines.
And system integrators can use MIP’s flexible structure to help them meet specific customer requirements while at the same time expanding their range of services.


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