Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold

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Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold (Winner of Additive World Awards 2018)

Aidro has designed an innovative hydraulic block for mobile application and the jury of Additive Conference has nominated it the Winner of the Additive World Challenge 2018.
The redesign hydraulic manifold consolidated two parts into one, it is smaller than its predecessor, and has an optimized flow because of improved,curved channels. Moreover, the problem of leakage, caused by auxiliary plug failure, is eliminated and the weight is reduced by an impressive 70%.
Aidro Hydraulics won the jury over with the massive applicability and commercial viability of their design.
Because of its ability to build internal features and passageways, additive manufacturing is well suited for the design and manufacture of manifolds. The internal channels of the manifold are optimized for greater flow within a smaller space. Furthermore, the potential for leaks is eliminated because auxiliary drillings (hole plugs) are not needed.


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