Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold

Aidro + Additive manufacturing systems, 3D printers with selective laser melting, SLM for metals


Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold high pressure
The comparison between the traditional hydraulic manifold on the left and the 3D printed hydraulic manifold o the right shows the huge weight reduction that is possible only with additive manufacturing. This manifold is designed for high pressure (700 bar). The material is Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) and compared to the conventional manifold the weight reduction is 75%.
The internal channels of the valve block are optimized to a better flow and space savings, while the potential for leakage is removed because auxiliary drillings are no longer necessary.
Integrated hydraulic circuits using cartridge valves were specified in lieu of line-mounted valves, the number of components was reduced to a minimum, and fluid lines were made as short as possible. The new design is made with metal 3D printing.


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