SEF Smart Electronic Factory

iSAX + Components, systems for the Internet of Things, IoT in industrial applications | Custom software for other technical applications | Integrated industry solutions | Software-based solutions for Industry 4.0 u0026 Internet of Things, IoT, Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT


The Smart Electronic Factory is an information and demonstration platform for Industry 4.0. This evaluation environment is implemented in a real electronics factory. The independent offensive of medium-sized companies, consisting of specialized system manufacturers and application suppliers, develops innovative production scenarios within the meaning of the fourth industrial revolution.

The objective of the Smart Electronic Factory is to realize Industry 4.0 requirements within the electronics sector for the medium term and to adapt them for other sectors as well. The first concrete realization step is to organize machinery processes more efficient and to minimize failure costs. Machinery, process and quality data are captured and analyzed for every single primary production step, even today.


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