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Ubisense’s SmartSpace is a modular software platform that manages real-time location and identification data from multiple sources to support industrial-scale, mission-critical visibility and control applications. It delivers new levels of visibility and control, providing a foundation platform for manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 and transit management strategies. Enabling customers to create a real-time digital twin of the production environment, Ubisense’s technology connects activities to manufacturing execution and planning systems, making real-world processes involving moving assets visible and measurable. SmartSpace closes a fundamental data-gap between production systems and real-world physical activities which cannot be connected to the enterprise LAN.

To facilitate building sensor-rich, industrial-scale implementations, SmartSpace is fully sensor-independent, taking in and handling location and identification events from almost any data source, including third party sensors, third-party tag readers, barcode or other software systems (such as RDBMS, ERP or MES).

Scalability and real-time performance lie at the core of the SmartSpace architecture, allowing users to build applications that scale from micro installations (small control systems running on a single machine) through to large sites with several servers and thousands of sensors, devices, people etc., all with predictable performance.

SmartSpace is divided into a set of functional blocks called components that can be plugged together in different ways. Within each component, application builders have multiple similarly themed features available for building applications that match customer requirements and end-user behaviour.


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