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Tvarit Automated Predictive Analytics + Artificial intelligence (AI)-systems, expert systems | Cloud services for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance | Machine learning systems for industrial application | Systems u0026 solutions for predictive maintenance, PdM


Tvarit GmbH’s Automated Predictive Analytics ( APA ) product, functions as a brain of sensor-based data analytics, has widened the AI space for building new use cases for manufacturing. APA with 22+ AI algorithms, developed by Tvarit’s in-house team of experts guarantees up to 97.2% accuracy in failure prediction.

In past, we have served Automobile factories making them smart, Preventive maintenance in Automotive sector, Steel manufacturing quality prediction, Textile mills production efficiency, Supply chain and inventory management for Printing Presses and Heavy Machinery industry etc.

Our AI product has been implemented in plants and has reduced up to 2.7x delivery time in supply chain use cases, and have increased up to 13% Overall Equipment Efficiency ( OEE ) in process efficiency use cases.

Apart from having real-time, seamless, fast and persistent cloud/software, Tvarit has engaged into heavy R&D on “Transfer Learning for Machines/Sensors data”, envisioning to reduce model training time to zero. Our customers enjoys the benefit of agile updates in our cloud portal/software as we add more and more robust machines learning and deep learning neural networks based algorithms into our portal.


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